Thursday 4 November 2010

Forget eating conventions, lucky customers at this 'innovative' Hong Kong restaurant can eat a range of dishes from tiny toilets, baths and hand sinks. I didn't go into the toilets for fear that I'd have to poo on a dinner plate and wee in a glass. It wouldn't be the first time but never in an eating establishment.

Wednesday 13 October 2010

A son?

If we had a son, I think it would look a little bit like this handsome young chap.

She takes some winding up but this little pianist has been deejaying our pumping parties for many a year.

Stray dog found

How could we not fall in love with this cute little pup! We found him living in the back of a market in an obscure part of China. His mum couldn't feed him anymore so we offered to bring him back and look after him. Aside from being tremendously kind and bright, he is an incredibly ferocious guard dog and a pretty terrific swimming pool inflatable. Naturally we called him Bob.

Another life saved!

Wu & Wu kitschologists painstakingly perform lifesaving gill-hole surgery on this Chinese Mama-Hoohoo didi fish